About Us

"Children are the future believe in the beauty of their dreams."                             - Dellyon Robinson

What Makes Us Unique? 

At LaVonda's Crayon Box, we provide a nurturing atmosphere in a home-like environment with early childhood development as our primary goal in mind with a customizable curriculum individually tailored to each child's development. Our play-based curriculum is designed to heighten creative, cognitive and physical interests. 


Our Mission:

  • To support families through strong partnerships.

  • Design a daily curriculum to incorporate activities in areas of practical life while addressing each child's unique learning styles.

  • Nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential to learn, discover and grow.

  • Cultivate independent thought and promote the building of character.



Programs Include:

  • 24/7 Childcare

  • Homemade Meals & Snacks

  • Smart Arts & Crafts

  • Fundamental Reading & Writing

  • Garden & Science Discovery

  • Music Adventure

  • Movement Matters Play

  • Safe Outdoor Play (with a private yard)